Thinking of quitting?  Thinking of packing it in and giving up on that goal you set for yourself?  These words of advice are for you….

Smart coach.  The way I see it, if you have a burning desire to learn to swim, then you can begin to take lessons and practice swimming or you just continue to wish you could swim.  Five years from now, only one of these paths is going to help you win the triathlon.

Good words.  Nothing wrong with patience, but the word perseverance connotes action more than the word patience.  Yes, I want the patience to wait until the storm is over, but I need the perseverance to stand on the deck and steer the boat until it is.

Ah….dreams.  Dreams captivate those who will chase them.  I’m trying to be more like the dreamer I used to be.  They have to power to drive us forward when we know we’re right and all those around us swear we’re wrong.

Too often we proclaim our situations “hopeless” before their time.  As a result we shut ourselves off from good things that may have come our way if only we had taken one more chance.  Don’t talk yourself out of the good things that could come your way just because you refuse to try again.

Dream a dream.  Take a chance.  Work hard. Hang in there.