The next piece of practical wisdom comes from a variety of sources.  The more I thought about these pieces of wisdom, the more I saw them naturally leading into each other, so I decided to package them together for your enjoyment.

Be flexible….yes.  Some of my most aggravating moments in my life have been from my lack of willingness to be flexible and work with others.  I’ve also seen many people ostracize themselves from good things by being too rigid in personality or attitude.  This takes practice….I’m still practicing.

A lot of times I walk up to a problem thinking I know how to solve it….I think I understand it well and that my prescribed method will alleviate the need for any further discussion on the matter.  Anybody else ever have this problem?  It doesn’t take long to discover that you’re (also read “I’m”) not always right.  Even though my answer may be correct, it may not be the right answer for the problem at hand.  It seems the more I learn about the people and organizations around me, the more I realize that each solution will be different.  The chance to be creative and tailor-fit solutions to each situation/organization eventually gets to be part of the fun of dealing with issues.

I love this piece of advice because I know I’ve been both.  If in your efforts to be flexible and to remember that one answer doesn’t always fit every situation, you find yourself staring down an immovable object of stupidity, it’s important to remember this smart piece of advice.  Sometimes the sure victory will come at such a great cost, that you will wonder if you actually won or not….or if you even wanted to in the first place.  I’ve had some firsthand encounters with skunks; I consider myself to have won if I escape without incident.

If taken to heart, these pieces of wisdom might turn down the stress a notch.  Knowing that I don’t have to be right all the time;  that it’s ok to change course and flex to a new plan; and that just because I can win I must.  I’m feeling better already.  Thanks friends.