A view of the volcanoes from the water of Lake AtitlanOne of the great things about taking the time to travel to another country and work for others is that it gradually and definitely draws us out of the frenetic state by which we normally measure success.  In the United States, we often see a busy person as a successful person….someone with a lot of things and a lot of stuff to do must be important, right?

In contrast to this idea, I found that the more I was drawn from the daily entourage of checklists and triviality, the more I became focused on things at which I was skillful and purposed.  I began to see even more clearly that teaching people is something I love to do.  It has been reported that I once said that I would “pay someone to let me teach them something”, but now I see the return is even higher for me than it is for them, so….I might pay double now….(at least for close friends and relatives).   I also felt extremely purposeful when I was playing music and singing with the kids and with the team members on the trip.  I felt like I was working in my zone, in my strengths and with a purpose.

I needed this trip.  I know that two ladies got houses that will change the course of their lives.  I am also aware that two ladies received stoves that will burn less wood in two months than their current stoves burn in two weeks.  I’m not downplaying the miracles of relationships, physical gifts or gospel work that this trip entailed, but I can clearly see how God has used this trip to confirm in me some things I love to do and that I should be doing more of.

So…what does that mean to you? For starters, what do you love to do?  What are your gifts? …and how can you use them right now to impact the world around you?

Start looking for those things…today.

Start doing those things…today.

It may just change your life…today.